Our Final Day in DC

After our breakfast this morning at Catholic, we went to attend a class on how to best use Google. Once again, Sam had local connections with one of the women running the program at the Medill School of Journalism-a school of. Northwestern University. Our teacher for the morning was Frank Bi, who is a data analyst for SBNation.com. Topics covered included how to remove words from searches, searching only from selected sites, how to sort images, how to reverse search an image, Google Trends, and finally, Google Sheets.

After our two our crash course, we originally planned to go to a nearby District Taco for lunch, but with a line out the door, the decision was quickly made to go to the Mediterranean restaurant next door. With forty five minutes to kill, Jamie, Max, and Sam continued their scooter adventures, while Julia, Robert, David-Elijah, and Sanya explored a local shop and walked to the museum.

In my opinion, the Newsuem is the best museum and it is a shame that its future is up in the air. Lucky for us we got two hours to explore the building that has exhibits including, but not limited to: the Berlin Wall, the FBI, Jon Stewart, 9/11, the freedom of the press, the role of TV and radio, and a display with the front page of each state’s most prominent paper for the day.

Our time at the museum was much too short, but we had to go for one last Metro ride to get to the airport. Security was a breeze and we got to our gate with plenty of time to spare. Shortly we’ll be boarding to head back to Denver, bringing to an end our trip and experience in Intro to Journalism.