Week Two

Mock in-class interview   So ends Week Two! This week in documentary filmmaking, we focused on the delicate art of interviewing subjects: something we all need to master (to some degree) for our final project. Including the practical elements of how to light your subject most effectively and how to record sound using a few […]

Documentary Filmmaking

Hello! I am taking Documentary Filmmaking, a block centered around the creative and technical approaches to making documentaries, taught by alum Doug Pray (a documentary filmmaker himself). After a packed week, I’m excited to share some of the many tips, ideas, and artistic lessons I have already absorbed. My favorite assignment we did this week […]

The final stretch…

We’ve moved on from atmospheric physics to atmospheric chemistry, and have spent our time looking at different constituents of our atmosphere and how they get there.  One interesting (and complicated) reaction we have focused on is ozone formation and depletion in various layers of the atmosphere.  In the stratosphere, the second layer of the atmosphere, […]