Willkommen in Köln!

Hallo! (Make sure to pronounce that “W” like a “V” so you sound like a true German)! We have all traveled a very long way from our campus home in Colorado Springs, and have now (mostly) arrived in Cologne (Köln) Germany! Over the weekend students, Herr Doktor Professors and Herr Doktor Professors’ sons took to […]

We have arrived!

Guten Tag! Anna here. We arrived on Saturday in waves- Emily, Cole, Kelly and I landed in Frankfurt at 6:15am, earning us the first place prize, and possibly the most intense levels of exhaustion. We took the train to Cologne and wandered for quite a while, wondering why nothing was open and repeatedly forgetting how […]

Travel Day

Greetings to the blog readers, Today we travelled! I don’t travel very well, so I forgot a bunch of stuff and decided to paint my nails and take a shower instead of making sure everything was packed. Security at the airport took forever for me because instead of going through the line like everyone else, […]

Last Day of Class !!

Hey there! Emily here reporting on our last day of class here on the Colorado College campus! Today during class we discussed and went over the history of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) annual Conference of the Parties (COP), certain Agreements, Accords and Implementation Mechanism and Funds. Some of these include […]

Halloween & En-Roads Climate Simulation

We started off class with a costume contest – everyone who participated had great costumes ranging from Fra Luca Pacioli to characters from the Lorax (photos to be posted soon!). Robbie Twells claimed to have a Pope Francis costume but never followed through on wearing it to class. Emil Dimantchev helped walk us through the En-ROADS […]

Hallo from EC385: Economics of International Climate Policy!

Hallo! This block we are studying the Economics of International Climate Change Policy and preparing to journey to Bonn, Germany for 2nd and 3rd week, where we will be attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP-23). Currently, we are on campus doing lots of preparation (including, […]