Climate Migrants

At a session I attended late one night recently, I heard His Excellency, Anote Tong, the former president of Kiribati, speak about climate migration and the impact it is having, and will continue to have, on small island states. He said that, to him and his people, climate change isn’t an abstract concept; it is […]

Relaxation and Reflection

Bula Vinaka,  Today was a great day of relaxation and reflection in comparison to yesterday’s hectic atmosphere. Yesterday was Karneval in Köln and people dressed in costumes, like animal onesies and unicorns, ran through the streets screaming, singing, and dancing. On our way back from the Conference, we tried to ride from the main train […]

Energy Research in the Koln-Porz and Bonn Area

This morning I commuted from Cologne to Bonn all by myself: an insignificant task for many, but a monumental accomplishment for a car-driving Tennessean such as myself. I was out the door this morning before most of my classmates because I was attending an energy research excursion sponsored by the EnergyAgencyNRW (Northwest Rhine Westphalia), a […]

Stay Optimistic!

Today was our third official day observing the UNFCCC COP 23. With only three days into the convention, it’s great to see every one of us has already become exceptional conference attendees, making meaningful connections and maintaining a busy calendar to gain a broad range of perspectives from various panel discussions and events in the […]

COP23 Day 2!

Bula! (Hello in Fijian)   As everyone in the class separates to embark on their second day of COP, we have one symbol to unite us: Pins reading “#WeAreStillIn.” Our class started the day off by handing out booklets to promote the Climate Action Center which opens it’s doors on Thursday and will act as […]

Being Awake

Today’s life lesson was about being awake.  Whether it was being prepared for directions to the conference center or being aware of the new opportunities around us, we were reminded of the importance in taking ownership of ourselves and not to be ducklings following the direction of our Herr Doktor Professor. After a much needed […]