The Documentation of War

The dominant narrative tells and shows us that war looks like… WW1. WW2. Vietnam War. Bombs. Guns. Men. Death. Enemies. Tension. Glory. Honor. Power. Protection. National security. Memorials. Veterans. Social Mobility. Beyond the romanticized documentation of war, war is scary as it affects everyone and all aspects of life. The US is an empire that […]

Asian American in the Time of Coronavirus

tw//death and violence Last month, an Asian American family, including a two year old and a six year old, were stabbed in a Sam’s Club because they were thought to be carriers of the coronavirus. I remember reading the news and shaking it fear, realizing just how bad it was going to get from here […]

Final Thoughts

Block 5 has reached its conclusion, and I am now deep in the relaxing hours of Block Break. I’ve had several days to reflect on the individual works we studied and the experience of the class as a whole, and I am ready to render my final thoughts on Jewish Comics and Graphic Narrative. The […]

The Power of the Graphic Novel

I have enjoyed all of my courses at Colorado College so far, but I have not been as sad to see one come to an end as I am while looking ahead to the last few days of Jewish Comics and Graphic Narrative. This class has reshaped my understanding of comics as a medium of […]

American Golems

Week Two is now, as they say, in the books (perhaps “in the comics” would be more appropriate here). This week was a bit of a departure from our usual coursework studying graphic novels. After discussing Maus Book I early in the week, we shifted our focus to studying Michael Chabon’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The […]

A Comprehensive Intro to Comics

The first exciting week of Block 5 has drawn to a close, and I am thrilled to be back on campus for a new semester. Right now I am in EN280, Jewish Comics and Graphic Narrative, taught by Professor Jared Richman. This English department course explores the influence of Jewish artists on the comic industry […]

Coburn Gallery Trip featuring Rayna Hernandez

October 25, 2018 Our class met with artist Rayna Hernandez (Yankton Sioux/Lakota) who graduated in 2016 with art and creative writing degrees at the University of South Dakota and is a former student of Professor Natanya Pulley. Her visit to the Colorado College was sponsored by the Fine Arts Center Mellon Faculty Fellowship and by the […]

Fine Arts Center Trip

October 25, 2018 Our class had a trip to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (FAC) and we went on a tour with Polly Nordstrand (Hopi) who is the Curator of the Southwest Art Collection at the FAC. We learned about the hierarchy of cultures, how the art world perpetuates elitism, how painting is considered the […]

Yá’át’ééh (greetings) from EN252 Topics in Native American Literature!

Yá’át’ééh (greetings in Diné/Navajo)! Our course during this third block (October 22-November 14, 2018) is EN252 Topics in Native American Literature: Arts and Literature by Native American Writers and Artists taught by Professor Natanya Pulley (Diné/Navajo). Professor Pulley has a B.A. in English and a Ph.D. in English (Fiction Writing) from the University of Utah. […]

Week 2: The Essay

After a relaxing weekend filled with reading, coloring, exploring the arts, and taking a stroll with nature, our class piled into the room. With our refreshed minds we prepared for our next assignment. The Essay is our last big assignment that is supposed to encompass our lives. The first day we described our golden memory, […]