Bill Oman ’71

Bill Oman '71
Bill Oman ’71 during his CC years

I was a political science major. My classmate Sally Nash and I interviewed every member of the faculty for the better part of a year before the faculty voted to move forward with  it. We met over lunch at Rastall Center with each member of the faculty, asking them what they thought were the positive and negative aspects of the plan. We reported a summary of our findings to our Political Science Professor Glenn Brooks. I recall being so impressed with the commitment and enthusiastic endorsement by practically every faculty member, even though every one of them would have to drastically revise their lesson plans.  It really was a reflection of the faculty’s commitment to deliver the best educational experience possible to students.

Bill in 2019
Bill in 2019

One interesting fact about my four years at CC leading up to graduation in 1971 was that my transcript reflected three different grading systems. The Block Plan went into effect my senior year. My transcript was such a mess of A/B/C/D, Pass/Fail, and No Credit systems, I jokingly tell people the primary reason I was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School was the admission officers there couldn’t make sense of my transcript!  — Bill Oman ’71

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  1. This is for Bill Oman.
    I’m a OR nurse and former patient of Dr. Marty Adson. I wasn’t aware he had passed, and at such a young age! I want to express my appreciation for his work in plastic surgery with Smiles. Such a worthy cause that allowed those little ones with facial deformities to live a normal life.
    I used to watch for Martin at work on the OR case board but hadn’t seen him after 1990 or so.
    Thanks for sharing your memories.

  2. It’s fascinating to hear about your involvement in the transition to the Block Plan at CC, Bill. Your dedication to gathering faculty input speaks volumes about the collaborative spirit at the college. The mix of grading systems in your transcript certainly makes for an interesting story! Thank you for sharing your unique perspective on the evolution of the educational experience at CC.

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