Leslie Graver Trevathan ’77

I loved the Block Plan. It really gave me the freedom to explore different opportunities.

I was a humanities major with an elementary education emphasis when I did an independent study of a free school in Hawaii. My father was a pilot for TWA and my brother was going to school out there so it was easy for me to make it happen. As it was, the school was a disaster, nothing like the famous free school, Summerhill, in the UK. It really made quite the impression on me as a teacher.

Another adventure that could only have occurred due to being on the block plan was a trip we took with an Art History class down to Santa Fe, NM. We camped out, checked out art studios, and learned a bit about the history of Santa Fe. It was a fantastic way to learn and be fully immersed in the experience. I have no regrets having been at a school with a non-traditional academic program.

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