Mindy Klowden and her husband, Dennis Lima, a boy, Cody, April 22, 2009, in Denver.

Rob Rager and his wife, Heidi, a boy, Alexander James, Feb. 23, 2009, in Denver.


Read Norton and his wife, Jill, a boy, Noah Augustus, June 24, 2009, in Boston, Mass.

Melanie Temin and her husband, Adnai Mendez, a boy, Elijah, Feb. 24, 2009, in Cambridge, Mass.


Andy Hauschka and his wife, Jennie Jarvis, a boy, Cole Duncan, July 17, 2009, in Charlotte, N.C.

Ben O’Donnell and his wife, Caroline, a boy, Blake William, July 14, 2009, in Providence, R.I.