peakprofile.marcwebbIt’s been a great summer for Marc Webb ’96.

His film “(500) Days of Summer” has been one of the biggest releases of its type (small-budget, debut director) this year.

“It’s what’s called a ‘platform release,’ which is a system for distributing small films and relying on word of mouth for marketing. The movie has done really well,” said Marc, who has been on the road most of the summer, traveling to film festivals all over the country to screen and promote the film.

“Promoting the film has taken longer than it took to shoot,” he said. “(500) Days” was about three and half years in the making, but took only six weeks to shoot.

“Ever since Sundance, I’ve been going to a festival about every other weekend; it’s been very fun getting out and talking about the movie, and especially meeting the other filmmakers,” he said. And, because his movie has done so well, he’s getting a lot of calls to work on other film projects.

“It’s a different story than last year this time. I’ll just leave it at that,” Marc said. “It’s been good. I’m talking to some interesting people about possible future projects.” Marc is currently shooting a music video and will likely begin another movie project early next year. He is grateful for the connections he made through Colorado College, like his friend Doug Pray ’83, who he worked for when he first moved to Los Angeles after graduation. And Marc says he feels he had an advantage over some of his classmates in film school, having gone to CC.

“Directing is a very odd job. You are doing a lot of things at once,” Marc said. “The liberal arts background served me well. At CC, you ‘learn how to learn.’ You decode and analyze information, situations, events, and stories. I developed a vocabulary for filmmaking, learned how to articulate ideas, and write well. It has been very helpful to me.”