Char Cadown ’16, Erica Jamieson ’17, and Jarod Rutledge ’17 hosted a daylong fast Dec. 3 in Bemis Hall inspired by Yeb Saño, delegate for the Philippines at the COP 19 Climate Talks in Warsaw, Poland, in late November. Reflecting on the devastation Typhoon Haiyan wrought on Nov. 8, he said, “In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home and with my brother who has not had food for the last three days, I will now commence a voluntary fasting for the climate. This means I will voluntarily refrain from eating food during this COP until a meaningful outcome is in sight.”

The CC participants, who included President Jill Tiefenthaler, aimed to demonstrate their support and solidarity with those who are suffering from Typhoon Haiyan and to build a conversation on campus around the catastrophic effects of climate change.