Alumni: join us for Homecoming traditions such as Freedom and Authority, Homecoming Convocation, and the all-campus picnic under the tent. Help us to honor Professors Tim Fuller and Owen Cramer on their 50 years of teaching. We’ll also celebrate a new tradition, Alumapalooza, on Saturday evening following class reunion dinners. We are pleased to celebrate a special reunion for CC veterans during Homecoming Weekend.

Class Reunions

1955 (60th Reunion)
1960 (55th Reunion)
1965 (50th Reunion)
1970 (45th Reunion)
1975 (40th Reunion)
1980 (35th Reunion)
1985 (30th Reunion)
1990 (25th Reunion)
1995 (20th Reunion)
2000 (15th Reunion)
2005 (10th Reunion)
2010 (5th Reunion)

We are especially pleased to induct the Class of 1965 into the Fifty Year Club, a special part of our Alumni Association for those alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago.

Affinity Reunions

The following special reunions take place during Homecoming. Please check the schedule and registration form for more details: CC Veterans, Alumni and Students of Color, Rugby, Volleyball, Residential Life Staff, and LGBTQIA+ Alumni.

Registration Deadline: Oct. 4, 2015