Four first-year students, Amelia Eskenazi ’19, Joann Bandales ’19, Padah Vang ’19, and David Gonzalez Salgado ’19, have created the “Humans of Colorado College” Facebook page. Modeled after the “Humans of New York” project, the page seeks to tell stories that others aren’t aware of, letting students know it’s OK to be vulnerable and helping to promote empathy, said co-founder Vang. “I think it’s become a rare space of authenticity and a community of support. I find myself looking forward to the stories everyday because in the bustle and stress of my day, it’s a reminder that our world is full of people with love, triumph, sadness, and hardship. It gives me some hope and it makes me feel connected to our campus,” said Esther Chan ’16, who helped get the project going.

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