Colorado College welcomed 13 new tenure-track faculty members at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyBull-2015Anthony Bull
Associate Professor of Human Biology and Kinesiology

Bull examines the effects of physical activity and energy balance on health and performance in humans.


CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyGratz-2015Lynne Gratz
Assistant Professor of the Environmental Program

Gratz’s research focuses on the atmospheric chemistry, transport, and deposition of air pollutants, such as mercury and ozone, over local and global scales.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyGuessous-2015Nadia Guessous
Assistant Professor of Feminist and Gender Studies

Guessous is an anthropologist of postcolonial and trans-national feminism, who works on questions of religion and secularism, subjectivity, and affect in the Middle East and North Africa.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyHatton-2015Olivia Hatton
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology

Hatton is a molecular and cellular immunologist who studies how Epstein-Barr virus hijacks normal B cell biology to evade immune detection and transform healthy cells into cancerous cells.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyHoel-2015Jessica Hoel
Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

Hoel is an international development and experimental economist.



Jean Lee
Assistant Professor of Environmental Program

Lee’s research focuses on sustainable development, ecological economics, and community-based natural resource management.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyNaji-2015Ammar Naji
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature

Naji teaches elementary Arabic, intermediate Arabic, and introduction to anglo-phone Arabic literature.


CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyRader-2015Christina Rader
Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

Rader studies how people make decisions, with a particular focus on how they use (or don’t use) advice from other people to improve their decisions.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyRatchford-2015Jamal Ratchford
Assistant Professor of Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies and History

Ratchford’s teaching and research interests include sports and popular culture, race and racism, ethnic studies, gender, and black freedom movements in the U.S.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultySawyer-2015Michael Sawyer
Assistant Professor of Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies

Sawyer’s work employs philosophy, literature, history, and art to take stock of the revolutionary theory and praxis of marginalized subjects.

CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyTrevino-2015Jeffrey Treviño
Assistant Professor of Music and Technology

Treviño’s research focuses on computational representations of music notation for Internet applications.


CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyValtierra-2015Tina Valtierra
Assistant Professor of Education

Valtierra studies thriving career-long urban educators and applies their wisdom to her work in teacher preparation.


CC-BUL-DECEMBER-15-NewFacultyYasuda-2015John Yasuda
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Yasuda’s research focuses on Chinese politics, regulatory governance, and comparative political economy.