When donors invest in scholarships it’s an investment in the future for the individual recipients and for the college itself. By providing greater access to a CC education and expanding the CC experience to a wide range of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, the college as a whole is enriched because we can admit more independent thinkers, creators, and trailblazers – regardless of their ability to pay. As part of the $435 million Building on Originality fundraising campaign announced in October 2017, Colorado College aims to raise $100 million for student financial aid, including $90 million for endowed scholarship support and $10 million for expendable funds for scholarships. When raised, these funds will enable the college to provide 180 new scholarships.

Scholarships have long been responsible for opening the doors to a CC education. They have provided students with once-in-a-lifetime transformative experiences and eased the economic burden on their families.

Keep On Going On — Ed Benton ’50

Gateway to an Education and an Adventure — Alana Aamodt ’18

Committing to Socioeconomic Diversity — Kyle Samuel ’92