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June 15-25, 2019
Hiking Scotland’s Inner and Outer Hebrides with Geology Professor Eric Leonard (trip is full, but contact the Office of Alumni and Family Relations if you’d like to be placed on the waitlist.)


July 28-Aug. 3, 2019
Polar Bears and Beluga Whales of Hudson Bay with Associate Professor and Director of Environmental Programs Miro Kummel


Aug. 8-24, 2019
Guided Walking Tour of the Olympic Peninsula with Heather Harding ’88


Nov. 27-Dec. 10, 2021
Antarctica Solar Eclipse with Physics Professor Shane Burns and Geology Professor Christine Siddoway. Witness the total solar eclipse from the Weddell Sea on Dec. 4, 2021. This excursion will position you directly in the path of totality as the pinnacle event in a 10-night cruise to Antarctica.