CC has been named a Fulbright top-producing institution for the 2019-20 grant year and has gone on to have 11 Fulbright semifinalists for the 2020-21 grant year, with more than half of CC’s 19 Fulbright applicants, or 58%, advancing to semifinalist status. CC’s 2020-21 Fulbright semifinalists are:

  • Emma Carlson ’20, University of Sheffield study award in medical sciences, United Kingdom
  • Kenneth Crossley ’19, research award in materials science, Spain
  • Spencer Daigle ’20, English teaching assistant award, Russia
  • Allison Gish ’20, English teaching assistant award, Czech Republic
  • Natalie Gubbay ’20, research award in economics, Argentina
  • Bita Kavoosi ’20, research award in international relations, China
  • Daniel Lopez ’19, research award in ethnomusicology, Indonesia
  • Charlotte Majercik ’20, English teaching assistant award, Nepal
  • Sarah Pokelwaldt ’20, research award in biology, Panama
  • Willa Serling ’20, research award in public health, Indonesia
  • Naomi Tsai ’19, study award in marine biology, New Zealand

Being named a Fulbright top-producer is based on the four Colorado College grantees awarded in Spring 2019 and who were in the field during the 2019-20 academic year. They are:

  • Beka Adair ’16, research award in economic development, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Claire Derry ’19, English teaching assistant, Moldova
  • Camilla Fuller ’19, English teaching assistant, Thailand
  • Amanda Martin ’19, research award in biology, South Africa

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