The video was created as a way to honor the Class of 2021 and acknowledge their unique senior year. It also serves as a documentary on what life was life for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bergen Hoff  ’22 had started as a Communications Office video intern during the Spring 2021 Semester. “He loved the idea when I pitched it to him and took it on as his main project,” says CC videographer Rachel San Luis ’10. “We were intentional on trying to get a variety of perspectives for the student interviews.” Hoff interviewed each student outside their residence, the only way the video could be shot at the time without masks. Originally, Hoff and San Luis planned to include a sequence of more than 50 students describing their senior year in one word, but that didn’t work out. Other ideas that didn’t make the final cut: using “living room videos” submitted by seniors and B-roll of various pods hanging out safely on campus.

Hoff filmed predominately during Blocks 7 and 8, trying to get as much edited ahead of time. “It’s extremely difficult to create a meaningful, cohesive edit when you don’t have all the footage,” says San Luis. “Most of the intensive editing was done the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after Commencement.” She and Hoff edited all day in the office, then he spent several very late nights editing.

Fun fact: The sound design in the video is very intentional. Notice how the sound of students mingling fades to silence during the opening photo sequence depicting the “empty campus.” The sound from the champagne shower event was taken from a previous (“normal”) champagne shower. Additionally, Hoff spent about five hours finding the perfect three songs for the video, “and I think they powerfully move the story forward,” says San Luis