From the Editor

Presidents Past

We received several letters asking about the Colorado College presidents on the last issue’s cover. Learn more about them

I am writing both as a Colorado College alumnus and a staff member for five years. I was reading the recent edition of the Bulletin (Summer 2022) and found some things disturbing and not representative of the values of the college I have given nearly 10 years of my life to.

To begin, I find the placement of disgraced former-president William F. Slocum on the cover of the magazine to be disrespectful. Slocum was accused of sexually harassing and assaulting numerous members of the campus community during his tenure and was forced to resign. His name was removed from one of the first-year dormitories several years ago. To display his face on the cover of one of CC’s most widely distributed and read publications is frankly insulting to his victims, their families, and all survivors of sexual assault, including current CC students.

The second issue I would like to raise is with a Letter to the Editor from Christopher Jones ’83, who essentially says the current president, Song Richardson, was an affirmative action hire and complains about “the college’s clearly preferential pursuit of BIPOC without backing it up with qualifications.” I am just utterly shocked that the Bulletin would willingly platform this kind of racist nonsense. Our standards should be higher than this.

I hope that you take these concerns seriously.

Sam Stansel ’18
Coordinator, Office of Academic Programs
Office of the Dean of the College

Bravo for your picture of the thoroughbred (on the back page). My wife owned a thoroughbred that was quite affectionate and extremely intelligent. Such horses, after their racing career is over, can be retrained for dressage and general riding.

Mark Bergendahl ’75

I agree with Sharon Smith ’67, whose letter was published in the Summer 2022 issue. Apparently, you have forgotten who gives the college the most. So far, you seem to have stopped being all about sports (which were very minor in my day) — that is a good thing.

BTW, I stopped donating because I heard an ad on CPR saying CC offered scholarships to families making less than $250,000 a year. Seriously? That is ridiculous.

Bonita Lahey ’69