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Letters to the Editor

From the Editor Bulletin, You’ve Changed … ​​Maybe you’ve noticed, we’ve made some changes to the Colorado College Bulletin. We have given it a sharper focus on aspects that make CC unique, a fresh look, and more compact size, and added new features so you can immerse yourself in the CC experience, stay connected with…

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Letters to the Editor

I’m reading through the Colorado College Summer Bulletin. I am gobsmacked to realize I am within days of hitting 50 years since I left Oregon to embrace Colorado College and its groundbreaking / unusual / weird Block Plan, then only in its second year. My mom, a schoolteacher and single parent, said she could only…

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: As an avid reader of the Bulletin, I didn’t want the year to end without letting you know how much I appreciated the Summer 2020 issue. The photo of Ali Keller in the Gates Greenhouse was especially meaningful for me. Many mornings I went up to the little greenhouse in Olin to…

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To the Editor

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am to see Eric Sondermann’s Letter to the Editor in the most recent Bulletin. It is a thoughtful, sophisticated, and broadminded commentary on a pervasive issue in contemporary education and I, personally, think it should be required reading for all students, staff, and CC administration. Bravo…

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In Memoriam: Dennis Showalter

Dennis Showalter

Retired History Professor Emeritus Dennis Showalter, known to many even outside the department as “the most engaging professor at the school,” died Dec. 30, 2019, from complications related to esophageal cancer in Colorado Springs. He was 77. Dennis claimed German military history as his specialty, but others note his influence on worldwide military history was…

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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: The Summer 2019 Bulletin with its package of stories on the college’s “antiracism” thrust calls out for a bit of perspective. As the child of two German-Jewish Holocaust refugees (both notable people at CC in their time), I know something of the history of bias and discrimination, even hate and genocide. Further,…

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To the Editor

It was a delight to see the photograph on page 10 of the latest Bulletin. During my visit to CC for my 50th reunion in 2012, I took some time to visit the archives at Tutt Library to do research on my family’s history with the college. A large print of the baseball team photograph was lying on a table in…

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Letters To The Editor

Congratulations on a most interesting and well-presented Colorado College Bulletin. From the picture of Eric Bransby ’47 on the cover through the excellent note from President Jill and the outstanding pictures and articles of the alumni and students. I’d especially like to congratulate and thank Ed Robson ’54, a good friend of us Canadians, for…

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Letters to the Editor

I shed tears reading Bill Hochman’s tribute to his books. How much we revere our books, and how incessant is the little knocking that tells us we must empty the shelves before someone does it for us. And no matter how close a friend or relative, they will not know the symbiotic connections represented by…

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Letters to the Editor

We Think This Says it All Many thanks to Jen Haefeli ’92 for sharing her 7-year-old daughter’s artwork with us. The sticker featuring CC’s new logo was included in the April issue of the Bulletin.

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