In Fall 2022, CC welcomed seven new faculty members and two new Riley Scholars to our community. New faculty members at CC include:

Anbegwon Atuire
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies

Atuire’s research lies at the intersection of Africana critical theory, Pan-African social movements, and indigenous Ghanaian Studies.

Celeste Diaz Ferraro
Economics and Business

Ferraro is a qualitative researcher in organization theory and entrepreneurship, with particular interest in the roles of power and agency in shaping the governance and social orientation of emergent fields and ecosystems.

Varsha Koushik
Mathematics and Computer Science

Koushik won the 3MT Thesis Competition at the University of Colorado Boulder this year, and the Hope Schultz Jozsa Award last year.

Dhanesh Krishnarao


Krishnarao was recently awarded a $66,902 grant from the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is a research arm of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). As part of the grant, Krishnarao will be working with four other institutions on a three-year program titled “The LMC’s Galactic Wind through the Eyes of ULLYSES.”

Maria Sanchez
Political Science

Sanchez’s research explores the politics of how international institutions exert authority over national governments, with a focus on human rights and post-conflict reconciliation.
Steven Schwartz
Schwartz focuses his research on how the global rise of renewable energy intersects with Indigenous peoples’ environmental relations, practices of resistance, and political and economic life in Latin America.

Leland Tabares

Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies

Tabares’ book project, Professionalizing Asian America: Race and Labor in the Twenty-First Century, examines how the increasing representation of Asian Americans in a range of contemporary industry professions enculturates new meanings of race, belonging, and solidarity.

Additionally, CC welcomed two new Riley Scholars in Residence:

Oscar Ulloa
Spanish and Portuguese

Ulloa is a Post-Doctoral Riley Scholar-in-Residence and Visiting Instructor in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Colorado College.

Preston Waltrip

Waltrip’s research areas include biopolitical theory, historical fiction, and 21st century American literature. He has taught at the University of California, Riverside and Texas Christian University.

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