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Posts from the December 2014 issue

Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!: Gesture, Choreography, and Protest in Ferguson, a point of view piece by Anusha Kedhar

By now, you know this phrase well. It has become the rallying cry of those protesting the killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Mo., earlier this year. Like other memorable activist slogans — “Hell no! We won’t go!” and “No justice? No peace!”— it captures the essence of collective anger in response to…

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“We Will Remember Them” Colorado College’s Wartime History

WWI bayonet drill 1919

Studying war has been a personal and professional passion of mine for many years. As a CC student, my independent minor focused on the war poetry emerging from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. At Dartmouth College for my Master’s, I published a paper on my grandfather’s experiences in World War II, and my thesis…

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