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Posts from the Winter 2023 issue

The CC Questionnaire: Phil Apodaca

What makes CC Registrar Phil Apodaca do a happy dance?

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Because of CC

Megan Koch ’22 running

In her senior year, pre-med student and collegiate runner Megan Koch ’22 advocated for 250,000 of her fellow collegiate student-athletes.

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On the Block Plan, Emergencies Snowball Quickly

How We Begin to Improve Mental Health A “culture of exhaustion,” “unwellness in isolation,” and “competition for perfection”: These are the troubling terms Colorado College faculty members use to describe the state of mental health on the CC campus. The national mental health crisis is real and present at CC, and faculty, staff, and college…

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Founder of Google’s Empathy Lab to Offer Insights for CC

CC was like a refuge for Danielle Krettek Cobb ’00 as a student. But not every student has that experience or feeling, especially now. Krettek Cobb hopes to help the college by parlaying her skills and experience “building heart — care and love — into technology.” “Your ability to deeply learn and integrate is based…

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The Healing Power of Song

The Kyshona Trio advocated for healing through the power of song during a Colorado College performance on Nov. 6. The event took place in Celeste Theatre at the Cornerstone Arts Center and was free and open to the public. CC students also had the opportunity to participate in a therapeutic songwriting workshop with Kyshona during…

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Creating Positive Change

Colorado College is Taking Action to Improve Mental Health Colorado College is committed to raising our focus on mental health on campus to the highest level. Only when all our students, staff, and faculty can learn, work, and live in an environment that fosters mental wellness can we provide students with outstanding liberal arts education experiences…

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Colorado College Students Helping to Make Positive Change for Immigrants and Asylum Seekers

When Yijia Wang ’22 came to the U.S. from China as an international student, she experienced culture shock, language barriers, and a sudden transition from being an ethno-racial majority to being a minority. This fueled her passion for helping immigrants, particularly asylum seekers. At Colorado College, Wang found support to engage with matters of immigration.…

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Letters to the Editor

From the Editor Presidents Past We received several letters asking about the Colorado College presidents on the last issue’s cover. Learn more about them I am writing both as a Colorado College alumnus and a staff member for five years. I was reading the recent edition of the Bulletin (Summer 2022) and found some things…

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FAC Exhibit Explores Histories, Ecologies, and Cultures of the Caribbean

Breathe into the Past: Crosscurrents in the Caribbean,” featured the work of 12 contemporary artists.

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CC Welcomes Seven New Faculty Members, Two New Riley Scholars

In Fall 2022, CC welcomed seven new faculty members and two new Riley Scholars to our community. New faculty members at CC include: Anbegwon Atuire Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies Atuire’s research lies at the intersection of Africana critical theory, Pan-African social movements, and indigenous Ghanaian Studies. Celeste Diaz Ferraro Economics and Business
 Ferraro is…

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