National Award Opportunities (K-12)

The two main North American academic societies for Classics, the SCS and CAMWS, offer several awards open to K-12 teachers that recognize excellence in teaching, provide resources for professional development, and facilitate travel in the Classical world.

Society for Classical Studies (SCS):

SCS membership is not required for these awards.

  • SCS Awards for Excellence in Teaching at the Precollegiate Level: up to two annual awards, each winner receiving $500; airfare and lodging for the SCS Annual Meeting, the American Classical League Institute, or the Classical Association of Canada’s meeting; and $200 to their program for the purchase of educational materials. Candidates must be nominated and nominations are usually due around the end of October.
    • Colorado teachers won one of three awards two years running: Lynn LiCalsi (Fairview High School, Boulder) in 2020 and Amy Rosevear (Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village) in 2019.
  • Coffin Fellowship: supports travel abroad for secondary school teachers. Applications are usually due in late February.
  • Pedagogy Award: open to pre-collegiate teachers and college and university faculty. Funds can be used to support travel abroad, conference attendance, or educational resources that will impact teaching and learning. Applications are usually due in early March.
  • Zeph Stewart Award: provides funding for those pursuing teacher certification. Applications are usually due in early March.

Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS):

CAMWS membership is required for these awards.

  • Kraft Award for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching: the winner receives $500 plus airfare and lodging for the CAMWS annual meeting. Candidates must be nominated and nominations are due November 15.
    • Colorado’s own Lynn LiCalsi (Fairview High School, Boulder) won the award for 2019.
  • Manson Stewart Teacher Training Awards: awards of up to $2050 to help those wishing to obtain primary- or secondary-level certification to teach Latin, whether for relevant coursework in Latin or Education. Applications are due January 30.
  • Student Loan Assistance for New Teachers Award: Up to $1000 to help pay off recent B.A. and M.A.T. student-loan debt for a teacher in the first five years of service. Applications, including proof of student debt, are due January 30.
  • New Teacher Start-Up Funds Award: $500 to reimburse one or more awardees in their first five years of service for books, supplies and classroom tech. Application, including receipts for purchased materials, are due January 30.
  • Breuker Jr. Award for Exceptional Promise in Latin Teaching: $5000 for a secondary school teacher to participate in a group-study activity abroad, preferably in Italy and related to Latin. Applications are due January 30.
  • CAMWS awards three summer travel grants, for which primary, secondary and high school teachers are eligible. Applications are due January 15.
    • Semple (typically $4500.00): for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens summer program.
    • Grant (typically $5000.00): for the American Academy in Rome summer program.
    • Benario (up to $3000.00): can be awarded for lots of great travel programs, including Paideia Institute summer programs for teachers and Villa Virgiliana programs.
  • The organization also grants three Excavation / Field School Awards of $2000.00 for participation in a summer excavation or field school at an archaeological site in the Greco-Roman world in any capacity. The award is open to teachers at all levels. Applications are due January 15.
  • CAMWS grants additional awards to recognize effective efforts to promote the study of Latin, help high school groups travel to sites or events related to the study of Classics, create partnerships between K-12 and post-secondary Classics teachers, and fund travel to the CAMWS annual meeting. Due dates for applications vary.