Who we are:

The Colorado Classics Association (CCA) is a volunteer organization of—and for—teachers and friends of Classics in the state of Colorado. We have three central goals:

  • First, to promote the study of the Classical languages and Classical antiquity in the schools, colleges and universities of Colorado.
  • Second, to foster fellowship among those with a shared interest in the Classics and provide the broadest possible framework for activities related to the Classical world.
  • Third, as an organization for teachers, to help students of the Classics obtain the greatest benefit from their courses.

What we do:

  • The CCA holds two annual meetings, in fall and spring, to promote networking between Latin teachers, encourage coordination on outreach events related to Classics, and host speakers and roundtables covering research in the ancient world or issues in Latin pedagogy.
  • Each year the CCA solicits nominations for its annual statewide Teacher of the Year Award recognizing an outstanding K-12 teacher in Latin or Classics more broadly.
  • The organization also co-sponsors a Colorado Classics Day every fall in Boulder, an outreach event open to high school students throughout the state offering workshops, interactive talks and contests related to Latin and Classical civilization.
  • Finally, CCA maintains:

Please considering joining the CCA or its mailing list by contacting the CCA’s Communications Director (pdhabel@gmail.com).