Geodesign at Colorado College

The emphasis in 2018 is the Monument Creek Restoration Project, co-sponsored by  State of the Rockies and Innovation at Colorado College, with support from the Geology Department and the GIS lab. Inspired by the Colorado Springs’ founding principles and Colorado College’s strategic plan, the aim of the project is to create a restoration framework for the kilometer-long stretch of Monument Creek that flows through the CC campus.

Photo Courtesy: Christine Siddoway

In this first phase of the project the team is using a method for research, planning, and design known as geodesign. Geodesign is a multifaceted approach which aims to account for the myriad of factors at play when revitalizing a given area. While traditional planning methods typically focus on research and data aggregation for a specific feature, geodesign relies on a more holistic set of information. This can range from environmental and socioeconomic data, to feedback and input from community stakeholders.

Photo Courtesy: Christine Siddoway

Please explore our website for more information on our team, resources, how to get involved and much more!

Interested to know about the place of Geodesign at an undergraduate liberal arts campus? See this 2015 lightning talk from the ESRI Geodesign Summit.