Creek Boys and Sweet Toys – BLOGIS

Survey work continues on the Colorado College stretch of Monument Creek. We have completed 10 transects so far which marks the halfway point of our baseline recording. Overnight rainfall in the Pikes Peak region caused the creek to swell a bit, giving us our first glance of the corridor with water levels closer to historic norms. The USGS reported a 3 cubic feet per second increase in discharge, which despite being a 50% increase in flow from the past 5 days, still falls short of the historic median daily flow by 4 CFS.

Will and I escaped the heat yesterday and spent our time doing some much needed catch up work in the GIS lab. Despite the daunting amount of data entry facing us, we still managed to distract ourselves by getting drawn into the excitement surrounding the acquisition of a new fleet of drones. Our procrastination may not have been entirely tangential however, as our project will definitely be using these new data collection monsters. More on that to come…

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