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Here you will find links to articles, videos, scholarly works, and other resources utilized by our team.

Christine Siddoway: Geodesign in Undergraduate Education | Geology professor Christine Siddoway of Colorado College describes how she and her colleagues created an immersive learning curriculum that teaches students to tackle the problems of fires and flooding along the Colorado Front Range with geology and geodesign

Colorado Springs envisions fat bike trail within Sand Creek stormwater project | Overview of a plan to prevent flooding of surrounding infrastructure, decrease the sediment load reaching natural habitats downstream, and provide trails for fat bikes at no extra cost.

Objection to the Upper Monument Creek Landscape Restoration Project

Landscape Scale Success Stories: I. Upper Monument Creek | Summary of fire reduction and restoration.

Legacy Loop: Comprehensive Trail and Trail Head Development | An example of a geodesign project that is currently underway, to connect the citizens of Colorado Springs to public waterways.

CSU Water Warriors | An effort by Colorado Sprigs Utilities to connect youngsters to knowledge about the waterways by giving them interactive tasks.

City Of Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Greenway Trail & Urban Trail System | Parks, trails, golf courses, etc.