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Faculty /  Professionals


Professor Christine Siddoway introduced Geodesign at Colorado College, working collaboratively with Studio Art faculty, and staff of CC’s GIS, Innovation, and State of the Rockies programs. CC’s Geodesign course is one of the first to be offered to undergraduates, by any academic institution in USA. In recognition of the rapid course development and providing agency to undergraduates, Siddoway was selected to present at ESRI’s 2015 Geodesign Summit. View her lightning talk here.


Cyndy Hines is program coordinator for the State of the Rockies Project. She brings a breadth of academic and professional experience to the Monument. She holds degrees in forest sciences from Oregon State University, geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and journalism from Kansas University.  Her graduate research focused on the migration of western juniper trees induced by climate change and riparian ecological restoration along the Grande Ronde River in eastern Oregon.  She furthered this work during employment with the USGS for several years. Cyndy joined CC ‘s staff in 2016, first working in the Office of Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives, then in Innovation at CC, where she helped launch CC’s Monument Creek initiative.


Matt Cooney is the Colorado College GIS technical director. He received his MA in Geography from the University of Northern Iowa, where he used GIS and remote sensing techniques to study migratory patterns of wild caribou. The geospatial field is undergoes continual change, and Matt Cooney enjoys the challenge of keeping pace and facilitating access to new technologies by CC students and educators. Some of Matt’s credentials for Geodesign are his employment in the geospatial industry for several years, participation in academic workshops at  ESRI Geodesign Summit conferences and contributions to the “Using the City” 2017 Faculty Seminar at the University of Chicago.


Student Research Team

Photo Courtesy: Zach Seusy

David Sachs is a third-year Geodesign major at Colorado College. He currently works as a GIS Lab Technician and is a student representative on the Colorado College design review board. After spending two years studying strategic communication, David sees the necessity of stakeholder buy-in and community input in the creation of successful and enduring redevelopment. For the Monument Creek Redesign project he will be focusing on the collection, visualization and conveyance of socio-environmental data. This work will calumniate in his Senior thesis.

Photo Courtesy: Eno Chen

Will Rundquist is a senior geology major at Colorado College.  After three years of geologic studies, he possesses valuable field experience that is necessary for the success of field-based scientific research. In the spring semester of 2018, Will studied architecture in Denmark due to his great interest in the field in addition to geology.  He will thus bring an artistic eye to the table during the actualization process of the project.  Will plans to use the Monument Creek Redesign project as a basis for the development of a thesis, in which he will primarily focus on the project’s geologic and architectural facets.

Darryl Filmore is a third-year Computer Science major at Colorado College. She contributed as a 2018 summer intern on the Monument Creek Project. Drawing upon her computer science background, she used ESRI’s CityEngine software to develop landscape designs for sectors of campus that border Monument Creek.