Photographers include Whitton Feer, Johnna Geick, Bruce Finley, Rainy Adkins, Auguste Voss, and Mitchell Adams

Our staff

Our staff and a dilapidated cart on the last day of fieldwork, Crawford Colorado 

Changing climate, changing lives journalists, with Samuel Essah

Pete Mueller shows journalists Carly Valerious and Emily Stamper how to construct a solar-powered water pump at Solar Energy International in Paonia 

Journalists prepare to get into trucks that will bring them 7.5 miles into a coal mine, Kathy Welt, environmental engineer, stands on the right

Students prepared to enter the West Elk Coal Mine, Colorado’s last underground mine

John Poulos, who has worked in the mining industry for over 40 years

John Poulos, engineering manager at the mine, presents the mine’s map. All of the shaded blocks are areas of previously mined coal.

Reporters practice breathing into air filters, a procedure required for anyone who enters the mine

A drawing displayed in the safety room of the coal mine

Journalists Sam Bower and Whitton Feer admire a miner’s truck

Morning light over a pond and coal conveyor belt at the West Elk Coal Mine in Paonia

Journalists Olivia Dicks, and Johnna Geick mentally prepare to enter a coal mine

billly barr, speaking to reporters inside his cabin in Gothic

billy barr in his home, photo by Auguste Voss


Amory Lovins in his living-room jungle, photo by Auguste Voss

Lovins shows off his innovative cookware, photo by Auguste Voss

Lovins and his fancy toilet, photo by Auguste Voss

Amory Lovins shows a computer monitor showing the efficiency of his home to reporters

The Lovinses home, photo by Auguste Voss

John Norton outside of his home in Crested Butte

Sue Navy holds up prayer flags promoting the conservation of a mountain called Red Lady by locals, which is often threatened by mining proposals. Photo by Johnna Geick.

The Great Sand Dunes

Apache elder, Bryan Vigil thanks Johnna Geick for her attentive listening, in the parking lot of Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park

Auden Schendler, the vice president of sustainability for Aspen Skiing Company

A center-pivot irrigation system in the San Luis Valley

Rainy Adkins and Lili Weir take a break at an alien watch area in Hooper

Visiting professor, Bruce Finley, enjoys lunch among his alien brethren

An employee at White Rock Specialties inspects potato bags, headed to Kroger

Francisco Sebastian, floor manager at White Rock Services, has worked in the Colorado potato industry for over 20 years

Mitchell Adams, center, listens to a floor manager at the White Rock Specialties potato packing facility in Mosca, which sits in an old high school gymnasium

Samuel Essah, an expert potato researcher for Colorado State University addresses reporters in Center

Potatoes being photographically sorted at White Rock Specialties in Mosca

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