One Step Towards Less Plastic, But Not Enough For Human Kind

COLORADO SPRINGS–Colorado College students noticed a change in their morning routine at the start of the school year.  Bon Appetit, CC’s contracted caterers, announced that they will no longer be serving straws at their cafés.  Bon Appetit stated that this reform will be in keeping with their promise of “Food service for a sustainable future”.  Getting rid of straws is a step towards a more sustainable campus but sophomore Michelle Wolford feels this action is too much talk and not enough meaningful change to make a difference.

“They’re fighting the wrong fight, it’s bigger than the straws, water saving toilets, handles, and timed showers,”  Wolford said.

To address the larger environmental issues such as climate change, last year, students started a movement for CC to divest from Fossil Fuels known as Fossil Free CC.  Of CC’s 743 million dollar endowment, approximately 2-3 percent is invested in the fossil fuel industry-roughly 15-22 million dollars.  Over a quarter of the student body supports CC in divesting from fossil fuels, but with no immediate plans to divest, students feel CC isn’t doing enough.

“Everything is the problem.  You can’t just focus on one piece of microplastic.  Did you think about where your plastic bread tag went? I don’t think so,” said Fossil Free CC member Amy Raymond.

Outlawing straws may be a step towards a greener campus but students demand more, feeling it won’t be enough to save human kind.

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