SONG OF THE DAY: 100s-“The Manuscript”; review by Ben Feldman

It’s been about a year since 100’s released his first mix tape “Ice Cold Perm” (produced by Joe Wax). Ever since the tape dropped, the dude has been blowing up. From tours with Kreayshawn and Snoop Dogg, to collaborations with bay area legends Andre Nickatina and Mac Mall, to having one of his songs put in the GTA5 soundtrack, homeboy has seen some success. He’s also now signed to Fools Gold Records (the same label that claims Kid Cudi, Lil B, The Cool Kids, and Danny Brown). Seeing a contemporary from my hometown getting put on by the music industry just makes me proud.

Well anyways, here’s a single he just put out on October 2nd. The track was released on Marino Gang’s “The Big Payback” mixtape, mixed by DJ Nick.

If you like that baby powder synthesizer sound (or could maybe see yourself liking it given the right climate and company) you should definitely get your hands on 100’s mixtape “Ice Cold Perm”. It’s fire.

-Ben Feldman

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