SONG OF THE DAY: Woodkid – “I Love You”; review by Henry Holm

Yoann Lemoine, the french singer-songwriter and music video producer better known as Woodkid, burst onto the scene two years ago with his “Iron” EP and accompanying music video.

The video opened sailing through the cloud, bursts of ominous strings pulling you through. A few stills of a lone boy, a wolf, and then quickly the drums. With his trance like voice Yoann lets us immediately know: This is music of the elements. Primal.

The track spread like wildfire and was even featured in multiple trailers and TV shows that year. However, the rest of the EP struggled to provided the same power and felt scattered.

Woodkid returned this year delivering a much more focused full length LP. Combining the force showed on “Iron” with the introspective feeling of other tracks on the EP, he has created an exciting and profound album.

Listen her to “I Love You” off the LP with a music video also directed by Yoann.

-Henry Holm

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