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Posts from the November 2009 issue

Achieving Our Vision FY 08-09 Update

During the college’s fiscal year that ended June 30, donors continued to invest generously in the college despite some of the worst economic times imaginable. The college received gifts totaling $14.2 million, compared to $22.6 million the previous year (an all-time record) and $13.3 million the year before. Payments on multi-year pledges from foundations and…

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Living Her Dreams

An unexpected pregnancy while she was a freshman at CC changed life for Lily Newman ’00. A scholarship for single parents helped her continue her CC education while raising her son. Read about Lily’s story and what she has achieved.

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Colorado College Alumni Tapped to Serve the Nation

For a small college, CC is making a big impact in U.S. government service. Five CC alumni now serve in influential positions within the current presidential administration, and several more are working in other roles. Read about the alumni who are serving at the request of the president.

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Athletics Briefs

Men’s Soccer Horst Richardson, men’s soccer head coach, joined an exclusive group on Sept. 26 when he picked up career victory No. 500. Sadly, he wasn’t around to enjoy it. While the Tigers defeated the University of Dallas, 40, at CC’s Stewart Field, Richardson was approximately 1,500 miles away near Chicago, attending the funeral of…

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How CC is Dealing with H1N1A

Most of the nation’s colleges and universities will be affected in some way by the H1N1A influenza virus in the 2009-10 academic year. Colorado College is well positioned to deal with this virus, says Dr. Judith Reynolds, medical director at Boettcher Health Center. Six years ago when the SARS virus broke out, the college established…

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Radio Making Waves at CC

Radio at Colorado College is on the move as The SOCC, the student-run station, relocated to new quarters and KRCC, the college’s NPR member station, takes to the streets. The SOCC (the Sound of Colorado College), which first went on the air in spring 2008 from its birthplace in the basement of KRCC, moved to…

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Roll the Press… (Over to Taylor Hall)

How do you move five old fine printing presses, weighing up to 3,500 pounds, keeping them from damage and misalignment? Very carefully, and with the help of a moving truck, forklift, and tow truck. CC moved the 31-year-old Press at Colorado College’s collection of printing presses and lead type from the basement of Jackson House…

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Jurassic Park Meets Barnes Science Center

New Assistant Professor of Biology Emilie Gray may be surprised by the efforts that CC inadvertently made to help support her research. This summer the old animal suites in the Barnes Science Center basement were remodeled into a multiuse biology/chemistry/anatomy lab, and the adjoining labs were remodeled to improve ventilation and to better meet the…

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Opening Convocation and Fall Conference

Colorado College welcomed 527 first-year students and 32 transfer students, and presented three alumni with honorary degrees at its Opening Convocation on Aug. 31, which marked the beginning of the college’s 136th academic year. Marc Acito ’90, a novelist, former syndicated humor columnist, and former professional opera singer, received a standing ovation at the conclusion…

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The Mountain Endures

Dear Alumni and Parents, Each year when I greet the new class of Colorado College students, I urge them to orient themselves around the mountain. Pikes Peak was here long before CC and will be here long after, and in the meantime we get to claim it as our own — the touchstone against which…

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