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Posts from the Spring 2017 issue

Pressing Forward

After Election Day 2016, The Press at CC became a place where students, faculty, and staff could come together in community and create posters that expressed their emotions.

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A Committed Life

Theatre Professor Idris Goodwin says he’s searching for a holistic existence. His world at the moment involves juggling teaching, writing and directing plays, publishing a book of poetry, and recording a spoken-word album.

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Opening More Doors to a CC Education

Socioeconomic Diversity, Scholarships, and Financial Aid On Jan. 28, The New York Times published a story positing that a higher percentage of students at elite colleges are from the top one percent of the income scale than experts realized. The story was based on a study that used anonymous tax filings and tuition records from…

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Visiting Scholars Bring Depth & Dialogue to Campus

Every year, dozens of distinguished scholars and experts visit campus to lecture, give performances, and engage with students.

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Lens Craft: Adriane Ohanesian ’08 Captures Conflict Around the World

Award-winning documentary photographer Adriane Ohanesian ’08 has captured conflict with her camera in places like South Sudan and Myanmar.

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The Fine Art of Internships

The relationship between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center has been in the news as CC takes on operations of the 98-year-old institution. The relationship is nothing new: In the past 10 years, an increasing number of CC students have completed internships at the FAC that have afforded them the opportunity to…

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A Novel Adventure

“Writing novels,” Percival Everett says, “is really an excuse to study something. I’m not so much interested in selling books as I am in the opportunity to study something. This is what I do; it allows me to discover and create a whole new world and a whole new voice.” As the author of 20…

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