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Posts from the Spring 2017 issue

What’s on Your Reading List?

We asked Professor of Chemistry  Ted Lindeman ’73, What’s on Your Reading List? Climbing conditions on Pikes Peak were appallingly nasty on Dec. 31, 2010. It was of no concern to a sane person, but that didn’t apply because I hiked with the AdAmAn Club*, with which I have spent 47 of the last 50 New…

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On the Bookshelf

“In Praise of Contempt” Essay by Katherine Standefer ’07 Standefer’s essay is featured in “The Best American Essays 2016,” edited by Jonathan Franzen and Robert Atwan. The essay originally appeared in The Iowa Review as the winner of the 2015 Iowa Review Award for Nonfiction, with a judge in that contest noting the essay takes…

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