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Posts from the Spring 2019 issue

Book in Play

Horst Richardson coached men’s soccer at Colorado College for 50 years, with his wife Helen serving as the team’s surrogate mother, game-day chef, and documentarian from almost the very beginning. So it is no surprise that in retirement, they hung in there for more than three years to complete “The History of Men’s Soccer at…

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From ‘College Boys’ to Perennial Powerhouse: A History of CC Athletics

Note: This article is the full version of Krueger’s capstone project for his journalism minor, in which Alan Prendergast ’78 served as his advisor. An excerpted version ran in the Spring 2019 issue of the Bulletin. In 1874, the “College Boys” represented Colorado College as they competed against the Active Club of Colorado Springs in…

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Athletics Hires New VP and Director of Athletics Lesley Irvine to Start June 1

Lesley Irvine had a choice to make in 1998. The recent college graduate could stay in her native England and teach or take the less conventional route of moving to Iowa to play field hockey while earning a master’s degree. Choosing the latter set the tone for a series of career moves that led to…

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