10/26 What am I doing with my life?

This is the first session in a series focused on YOU!
We will increase self-awareness, and focus on ways to move forward in your career journey. 

To get started, join us Oct. 26, 4pm, in the Career Center Classroom.
RSVP to careercenter@coloradocollege.edu to reserve your spot in each session.

Future sessions in the Exploration Series include:

  • Session 2:  November 2, What do I like?
  • Session 3:  November 9, How do I talk about myself?
  • Session 4:  November 30, How do I talk to people?
  • Session 5: December 7, How do I find opportunities and options?

**Participants who successfully complete the entire series will have the opportunity to be assigned a CC Alumni Mentor for continued support.**

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