11/28 Explore the Creative Process with Three Resident Artists

Wednesday, November 28, 5:15-7:00pm
Film Screening Room, Cornerstone Arts Center

Small Small Things: Music and Installation for Humans and Drosophila by Reiko Yamada.
Yamada is an interdisciplinary performance through which the audience will explore surprisingly deep connections with fruit flies (drosophila). The performance consisted of an orchestrated combination of site-specific acousmatic compositions, a digital slide presentation and a series of sound experimentations with drosophila.

The Invisible Thread: Exploring the Creative Process with Eiko Otake, Virgil Ortiz, and Reiko Yamada
This panel discussion invites three visiting artists who are on campus during Block 4 to share and discuss their creative processes. While the artists’ practices are distinctly different, they share the characteristic of bringing together widely divergent materials, ideas, and sources to create their art.

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