12 Things You Shouldn’t Say At Work


Check out this Linkedin article to avoid common work faux pas! 

The everyday phrases that do damage in the workplace
12 Things you Should Never Say at Work
 is an Infographic designed to give you early warning of these types of quietly damaging phrases. It doesn’t set out to shock you about office faux pas – rather to make you think twice about the signals you send with everyday language. Its 12 things to never say at work include plenty of phrases that many of us use all the time – but which can badly undermine our credibility at work when we do so without thinking. From “This will only take a minute…” to “You should have…” the language we use with friends and family can produce a very different impression in the workplace.

The Infographic, which has been put together by the small business credit firm Headway Capital, doesn’t just provide a list of office faux pas to avoid. It makes a point of suggesting alternative ways to get across what you really mean – and just as helpfully, three steps to help recover the situation quickly after saying the wrong thing. The suggestions for alternative phrases can feel a little repetitive and robotic – you don’t want to sound like Apple’s Siri at work – but they’re a great checklist for what you should be trying to communicate in your own, more human, way.

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