2/18: State of the Rockies Research Fellow

The State of the Rockies Project is seeking to hire 4 to 5 highly motivated students as research Fellows to study equity, urbanization, and climate adaption in the Colorado Front Range during the summer of 2019.

In collaboration with Professor Corina McKendry, Director of the State of the Rockies Project, Fellows will design and undertake an in-depth research project focusing on climate vulnerability and adaptation across cities in the Front Range. The broad questions that will be investigated include:

  1. What are the main climate vulnerabilities faced by Front Range cities? How do these vulnerabilities intersect with regional inequalities?
  2. Are Colorado cities adapting to climate change and incorporating projected vulnerabilities into their urban development?
  3. Are those cities that are adapting to climate change doing so in a socially just way?
  4. What are the barriers to equitable climate adaptation in the Front Range?
  5. What is the relationship between adaptation to climate change and city efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Based on their specific interests, each Fellow will design and conduct a research project that speaks to one or more of these questions. Though Fellows will have substantial independence in their research, they will also be given robust support in research design, methodologies, and throughout the writing process.

The goal of the State of the Rockies Project is to make a difference in the region through a deeper understanding of climate adaptation and social equity. As such, research findings will be shared with local decision-makers and other stakeholders, as well as presented at academic conferences and submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

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