3 Global Industries Where Millennials Are in Demand

by Capitol Standard | August 14, 2017
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We’ve been called “lazy, entitled narcissists.” The “Me, Me, Me generation.” And the most tech-savvy generation thus far. And now, as older generations move toward retirement, we’re being seen as the future of global industry.

Occupations like travel agents, agricultural workers, mail carriers, switchboard operators and more are just some of the identified “dying jobs” in recent history. As old industries die and new ones emerge, employers and millennials look for middle ground.

The millennial approach to a career is unique. According to PwC’s report on Millennials reshaping the workplace, we value things like work-life balance and career development more than financial compensation.

The writer points toward “Booming Global Industries” that are “particularly in demand”:  Software and the Internet, Careers in Math, Analysis and Big Data


READ MORE to learn about the specific job titles where we are likely to see growth for millennials.


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