4/5: NOYCE – teaching in Colorado Springs

NOYCE Program at Colorado College

The Colorado College Noyce Scholarship Program is a partnership between the Colorado College, the Catamount Institute, Colorado Springs School District 11, and Harrison School District 2. The main goal of the program is to increase the number of highly-trained K-12 science and mathematics teachers graduating from the Master of Arts in Teaching program who teach in high-needs schools. CCNSP provides scholarships and research fellowships for Colorado College students in STEM fields who want to become teachers.

Listen to alumni who are teaching and why this is the best job in the world!
Meg Zaranek (B.A. Biology ’08, MAT, Secondary Science ’12) taught middle school science, now teaching at 4th graders at School in the Woods
Jessica Watkins Stuart (MAT, Secondary Science ’14) educational director at Catamount Institute for 2 ½ years, now teaching middle school science in Woodland Park
Lee Derr (MAT for Experienced Teachers, Integrated Natural Sciences ’96) current secondary science supervisor for CC’s science teachers
Anne Terranova (MAT for Experienced Teachers, liberal arts ’10) current math teacher at Jenkins Middle School.

Wednesday, April 5th at 4pm in the Mierow House (Education Department)

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