Peak Startup Internship – strategic plan

Working with Peak Startup

This year, Peak Startup is thinking bigger. Through a community-driven strategic plan we are answering the question of how to scale our impact. Interns with Peak Startup will be considered thought-partners and help to develop this strategic plan and tactics for implementation. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to lead events and programming to foster community and inclusivity. We will work with individuals to develop a unique position description that fits the needs of the organization with the skills and interests of the individual. If interested in learning more, contact Natasha Main at to schedule an informational interview.


Overview of Peak Startup

In Colorado Springs, we have a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem with an increasing demand for access to information and community. Peak Startup is a nonprofit organization focused on driving economic development by bolstering the startup community. High-growth businesses provide a critical layer of the city’s economy by creating jobs, attracting diverse professional talent, and creating new, innovative products and services. Peak Startup drives ecosystem development through increasing transparency of available resources, growing the variety of resources, and providing support to startup entrepreneurs by creating connections and building community. Our work lives on the intersection of economic and community development shaping the narrative and future of the city.

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