Climber Steward Volunteer w/Yosemite National Park

The Climber Steward Intern or Volunteer will work within the wilderness climbing management program. Climber Stewards supplement the small number of paid climbing rangers to patrol climbing areas throughout the park and serve as a critical link between the National Park Service (NPS) and the climbing community. As a climbing steward, you will help to ensure that Yosemite remains a beautiful and healthy place for the future, as its walls and crags are an integral part of a larger ecosystem, protected as Wilderness, which was set aside for people to enjoy in a natural state for generations to come.

Climbing Stewards should be able to perform a variety of duties providing information, speaking and communicating with visitors in a tactful and courteous manner, interacting and greeting visitors, providing directions and other general information. You will conduct patrols of climbing areas in both technical and non-technical terrain. As a Climber Steward, you will help maintain cleanliness of Yosemite climbing areas. Climber Stewards interact with climbing visitors, educate climbers on food storage, and assist in the clean-up/upkeep of the food storage lockers provided.

Climber Stewards communicate with the public and give information about wilderness expectations and Leave No Trace climbing techniques. You will provide visitors with general information about contemporary and historical climbing in Yosemite. The Climber Steward assists with public educational programs including Ask-A-Climber and Climber Coffee. You will provide photographs of climbing related images for use in park climbing interpretive materials. Climber Stewards assist wildlife, restoration and other park staff with projects related to climbing. Opportunities to participate in search and rescue and other emergency services will be based on qualifications and experience.

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