Due 12/31: Summer Mentorship at Barkley (various creative positions)

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“At Barkley, we don’t want people to just fetch our lattes in the morning (although, TBH, that would be really nice). We want people who are serious about the industry, and serious about learning what it takes to make their mark in it. We believe good ideas can come from anyone, including interns.”
If you’re serious about all that—and serious about not being so serious—you might be a good fit for a mentorship at Barkley. Barkley is one of the largest employee-owned advertising agencies in the U.S. Ownership has its advantages. It allows us to attract national talent, retain that talent and increase every partner’s passion because they have a financial stake in client and agency success. We are a fully integrated company.
Feeling up to the task? Great. We want to see your POV. Create your own abbreviation to let us know why we should hire you. FWIW, there are no limits on how you can submit your abbreviation – let your creative flag fly.
Apply ASAP, applications are due EOD December 31st.

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