Due 3/13: Conference Services Intern

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What’s this position all about?

The Conference Services Intern is an essential member of a team of Housing & Conferences professionals who implement one-stop-shop event planning and guest services to various CC hosted camps and conferences during June and July.

Interns assist the Conference Specialist as an assigned assistant planner to multiple on-campus conferences with the primary responsibility of ensuring a positive campus experience for visitors while communicating and upholding Conference Services policies and standards. Conference Services Interns report directly to the Conference Specialist and work closely with other Housing and Conferences staff, as well as event support departments such as Dining Services, Catering, AV, Facilities, and Transportation.

This is a seasonal position beginning in May and ending in July. During this period, it is expected that each Conference Services Intern will work a minimum of 40 hours a week, including weekends and holidays, and be compensated starting at $11.10/hour depending on experience. The Conference Services Intern may also be eligible for a $150/month taxable meal allowance and in-kind housing.

Where can I learn more and apply?

See the full position description!

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