Due 7/17: EPA Environmental Engineer/Physical Scientist/Life Scientist

This position is located in EPA Region 8 (Mountains and Plains), Office of Partnerships and Regulatory Assistance, Resource Conservation and Recovery Program (RCRP). For more information on this office, visit their website: Region 8 Website


At the entry level of this position, you will:


  • Participate in monitoring cleanup efforts
  • Assist Senior RPM to oversee and monitor contractual work
  • Participate in monitoring cleanup efforts.
  • Participate in enforcement activities
  • Participate in community relation activities


  • Determine appropriate cleanup actions, methods and tools for toxic and hazardous waste sites and recommend to senior (Remedial Project Manager) RPM or supervisor the most cost-effective solutions
  • Oversee and monitor contractual work efforts in routine cases where EPA must assume the cleanup duties to assure that federal funds are properly expended and that contractors are utilized effectively and efficiently
  • Monitor cleanup efforts for well-established site situations that involve toxic and hazardous waste cleanup
  • Participate in enforcement activities

When entering a Federal job at a grade level lower than the highest promotion potential level, you may be promoted to more complex duties and work more independently, as your career progresses.


This position is located in Denver, Colorado.

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