Fall Break Survival Tips

Going home for the holidays can be stressful. All of your family and friends will expect an update about what you’ve been doing since August and it can quickly become overwhelming and make you feel like this:

Don’t freak out. Instead, develop a plan and start thinking about how you’re going to answer the tough questions before the meal hits the table. Need some help? We got you.

Question: Have you picked a major yet?

Option 1: Yes, it’s ____. I really like it because _____ and I’m hoping to talk people working in that field over the next couple of blocks.

Option 2: No, but I took a _____ class last block that I really enjoyed. I’m going to explore similar classes over the next couple of blocks to see if it’s my thing.

Option 3: No, I’m exploring a few options with my adviser so that I feel confident about my choice when I finally pick. Plus, I don’t need to pick a major until the second semester of my second year.

Question: Do you have a job or internship lined up?

Option 1: Yes! It’s at (insert awesome company). *smugly dance away to favorite bop*

Option 2: No, but I’ve applied to a few things and I’m waiting to hear back.

Option 3: No, but I’m planning to do some research and / or work on my resume and cover letter over break.

Option 4: No, but I’m planning to meet with the Career Center when I get back.

Question: Have you applied to law / graduate / medical school yet?

Option 1: Yes and I should hear back by ______.

Option 2: No, I want to take some time off to work and gain more practical experience before investing in my postgraduate education.

Option 3: No, I’m not sure that’s what I want to do anymore. I made an appointment with the Career Center and my adviser to explore other options.

No matter what you say, say it confidently. Everyone has a different path and one is no better than the other. Do you and enjoy your much deserved time off!

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