Finding Your Power: Public Speaking Half Block

Finding Your Power: Public Speaking Half Block

What’s this class about?

Caught off-guard in important social situations? Feel stymied when a well-intentioned, but meddling relative asks about your plans after college? Frustrated because the ‘right’ answer is always elusive in the moment? This Half-Block offers hands-on and dialogue-heavy activities in a low-stakes environment to tackle these common problems experienced socially and in networking events.

Learn to organize the interpersonal chaos and practice strategies to communicate your focus areas, passions, and research – to individuals in and out of your field – clearly, concisely, and with purpose! Communication levels the playing field. If you can advocate for yourself with purpose and a smile, you will raise your credibility and give you a competitive edge. Ultimately, this Half Block will help you to create your power when thinking – and talking – about life after CC.

What are the times and dates?

The first week of Half Block: January 7-11, from 9am-noon.

Who should sign up for this course?

Anyone who wants to practice how they communicate – from those who want to practice talking to family and faculty members about their goals and passions, to experienced public speakers who want to learn advanced techniques to make networking easier, more productive, and more fun.

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