Get ready to apply for summer internships with Dolby Labs in San Francisco!

In conjunction with CC’s Edge Internship Program, stay tuned for imminent internship in Marketing, Finance, Law, Data Analytics, and UX Design, among other roles. Please use the information at Handshake Job #5654353 Summer Internships  to start to tailor your application materials in anticipation of official internship postings – coming very soon!

How to Prepare to Apply

Don’t delay! Our CC connection in Talent Acquisition at Dolby urges you to apply ASAP when each internship is posted (ideally, within one week of the initial posting date for each internship).
Please refer to the 4 sample internship descriptions below
Tailor your application materials now to enable you to apply promptly when Dolby’s summer ’22 internships are officially posted (on a rolling basis).
A selection of Dolby’s undergraduate internships will be posted directly on Handshake. Dolby posts internships year-round, on a rolling basis, on the company’s application portal. You can apply for any opportunity of interest, regardless of whether it’s specifically cited by the Edge Program. Please note the fine details including location, required dates, and whether they are seeking undergraduate students vs. Masters/PhD students

For all Dolby positions, students should prepare a tailored resume and cover letter. Additionally, in many cases, Dolby asks candidates to include a portfolio, writing samples or other examples of work.
Research the company: If you have an interest in applying, be sure to research the company!
Read about Dolby’s commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive world of belonging.

For questions and support with applying, please request an appointment via Handshake with Brett Woodard, Director of the Edge Internship Program.

Dolby Internship Program Overview

Join the leader in entertainment innovation and help us design the future. At Dolby, science meets art, and high tech means more than computer code. Dolby leads the development of revolutionary media experiences and we’re passionate about understanding humans and what moves them. Our design team takes a user-centered design approach to developing audio and visual experiences in the realms of music, voice, cinema, tv, sports and games. As a member of the Dolby team, you’ll see and hear the results of your work everywhere, from movie theaters to smartphones. 

As an intern, the Dolby U program offers impactful, project-based work experience in a collaborative, creative environment where you work side by side with industry leaders. Amplify your insatiable curiosity by implementing real-world solutions that revolutionize how people communicate and how entertainment is created, delivered, and enjoyed worldwide. For anyone seeking to gain invaluable expertise through meaningful, personal contributions, join us to design a future where technology meets entertainment!

Example Internship Opportunities. Look for more details at Handshake Job #5654353 Summer Internships:

UX Design Internship (Marketing Department)

Public Relations & Social Media Intern (Marketing Department)

Compliance Data Analytics Intern (Legal Department)

Internal Audit Intern (Finance Department)

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